3D Camera

Industrial 3D cameras are used in industrial applications to capture three-dimensional(3D) images of objects, providing additional depth or height information in which conventional 2D cameras do not. They are increasingly being used especially in the field of manufacturing and logistics.

3D Vision & Robotics Project

Show case Overview

Function of industrial 3D Camera

Industrial 3D cameras can be mounted on the arm or end effector of robots to capture and collect 3D data of the target objects. Robot by themselves are ‘blind’ and only perform fix, predictable and repetitive tasks. In contrast, when integrated with a 3D camera, the robot can then be used in unpredictable scenarios such as random picking & placing, assembly, inspection, measurement, etc.

3d camera

Applicable & Effective

Mech-Eye 3D cameras feature high precision, fast processing speed, and it’s highly cost effective. There’s a wide range of camera models, which cover a wide range of industrial applications, each with their own diverse requirements on working distance, accuracy, ambient light resistance, etc.

3d camera

Integrate with Device and Apps

Mech-Eye 3D cameras can be used in almost all common robot applications, including bin picking, machine tending, palletizing & depalletizing, automated piece picking, assembly, etc.

3d camera

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