Smart Shop Floor

Smart Shop Floor Solution covers a wide range of shop floor operation from material inventory, processing, outsource, finished goods so as to enhance efficiency and reduce cost.


Smart Shop Floor Overview

Monitor Sale Order

The process status of every sale order is updated in a “Total Information Board” screen, every manager can find out the current process of every order and the next process in the queue. From this, the manager can gauge the delivery date of every sale order and take appropriate action to expedite the delivery if necessary. No more manual checking of sale order progress is required. No more rushing for the delivery of sale order.


Visualize Production Status

Every manager can monitor the production status in the plant in real-time. They can know the period an order stay in every process or department. If the period is long, the manager will be alerted by flashing red color.


Integrate with electronic device

The entry and exit information of every order in each process is recorded (auto/semi auto) by using BCR, RFID, camera device and smart sensor. This will provide the real time WIP information to the manager for decision making, and eliminate the paper recording methods that are prone to human error.


Interface to host

This system can directly import the master production plan from the ERP system before production starts, thereby reducing data entry. When the WIP is finish at every process, the WIP information can be uploaded to ERP system for cost calculation, thereby eliminate manual updating work.


Inventory of plant

This system provides an inventory system to track the material, tool, gauges and finish goods, the system will provide this information to the management to confirm if the material is ready before an order start in production. Similarly, when the customer place an order for a product, the management can check the stock level and determine the stock to produce.


Outsource status of WIP

The system will keep track of the status of outsource component. The planner can register for the outsource work. The production manager will decide which vendor to outsource. The system will calculate the ageing period of the component since this is delivered to the outsource vendor.


Web UI Report

The system generates many web UI report includes work in progress, costing, sale order, production volume, operation ratio, outsource history, work history, inventory and etc. With this detail information, the management staff is alert of the bottleneck in the plant before this can cause any major issue later.


Sale order and costing

The sale department can refer to the sale order history of customer when new order enquiry. The management staff can find out the production cost including outsourcing and material from the costing report. With this information, they can make prompt and correct sale decision.