Visual Quality System

Visual Quality System is a smart solution to visualize and measure quality with immediate cost saving.

  • Reduce scrap, rework, reject and warranty claims.

  • Provide traceability e.g. finding root cause, responsible station, Person In charge, rework time.

  • Create a paperless environment for easy search of quality information.

  • Can be used for any product and environment.

  • Great reduce response time to every reported defect.

  • Defect status notification can be broadcast to mobile tablet and overhead TV screen.


Visual Quality System Overview

Use mobile tablet (instead of paper) to identify defect during QC inspection.

This will replace the conventional method of using paper to record the defect during inspection. The mobile tablet allows easy operation by touching the image at specific detect position and selects the pop up defect information.


Easy configuration of quality information.

Easy configuration allow user to configure the quality information e.g. various component and views, defect concern, repair action, part, root cause, process, station. User can always update the quality configuration information to adapt to the changing production environment.


Improve communication throughout shop floor with timely QC information to process supporter and manager through event notification.

The QC information can be accessed through various channels such as mobile devices, web page and PC. Instant notification can be used to inform various process supporters and get instant acknowledgement from them. The acknowledgement status by the process supporter can be showed on overhead TV screen.


Record rework history of every defect include picture.

The rework operator can record the root cause, rework activities using the tablet. This includes taking picture of the defect area after repair. This visual information can be retrieve easily for future review.


Store QC inspection and rework information in a centralize database server.

All QC information will be stored in a database server. This allows for easy backup and storage management. If necessary, cloud storage can be used. Every manager can access the QC summary information from the centralized database server effectively.


To show the actual QC information and PIC (person in charge) in multiple overhead TV. (Option)

The overhead TV screen in production line will show the important QC information (including responsible personnel) for prompt action. This information will allow every operator to know the status of every defect occurring include ageing time (minutes).


To access QC information (e.g. defect frequency chart) with mobile phone. (Option)

Mobile phone (*option) can be used to show various QC reporting. This mobile device is used as an event notification device as well


To Integrate with external electronic device e.g. BCR, RFID, camera, smart sensor.

The system can read real time information from connected electronic device automatically. This integration eliminates the erroneous manual input work performed by operator. A more accurate and effective system can be achieved.