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RFID Solutions Overview

RFID Products


Tags consist of a small chip (e.g. Philips I-CODE) and a small coil. Passive tags uses inductive coupling to energize the coil. An active tag uses internal battery to energize the tags. Active Tags can be detected for longer distance but batteries need to replace every three to five years.

RFID Reader

Reader consists of the controller and the antenna. The information will be read when the tags are within the read distance of the reader. The Information is send back to the host through Serial, Ethernet or Wireless method.


  • No line of sight requirement

  • Suitable for harsh environment

  • Multiple tags read simultaneously

  • Real time tracking

Assessment Services

Cimation provide services that help you to select from many vendors based on you specific requirements thus you are not limited to any particular vendor or tag.

Cimation engineer will visit your company and guide you through a careful review of your business process in which will help to determine where RFID system can benefit you most. The result can be a well-defined pilot project or complete implementation roadmap for your RFID adoption.

Our RFID solutions collect filter and process tremendous amounts of data in a way that support and enhance your business processes and IT infrastructure.