• Equipment and line status according to the production layout.

  • Real time operating information can be read easily from the overhead TV screen.

  • Easy to configure for different line and equipment


Andon Overview

Show real time production information (include pokayoke status).

The real time production information enables the working operator to know the responsible station that cause the alarm and warning. The management staff can check the WIP counter at important station to confirm the production is running smooth.


Show equipment status.

This information allow working operator to know the condition of every equipment in one glance. The alarm equipment is highlight in red color and need to be attended. The operator can take immediate action to repair the alarm.


Show equipment alarm (include emergency stop alarm) screen.

This event notification enables the working operator to know various alarms occur at plant and take immediate action. This will reduce downtime and ensure the production in good running condition.


Incorporate “lunch/tea break/production end” screen.

Andon screen can auto change to “lunch/tea break/production end/OT” screen when the defined time is reach. This feature allow working operator to know the production timing as well as the production status information. Easy configuration of production rest time (lunch/tea break/production end), shift time, OT time, pop up order of Andon screen, color of Andon screen.


Integrate with barcode scanning, rfid, camera device for detail production information. (Option)

Real time information obtained by device e.g. BCS, RFID and camera device can be integrated in every Andon screen. This will ensure the production personnel have the right information at the right time and work more effective.


Access every Andon screen using mobile phone and tablet. (Option)

User can access to the same Andon screen using mobile tablet or mobile phone. The production personnel has more mobility with the accessibility of information even when he/she is not within the viewing range of the Andon TV screen.


Multiple Andon screen can be show on various overhead TV.

The user-friendly set up program is use to choose Andon screen for every overhead TV. This make the implement quite flexible.