Mech Viz

Mech-Viz Robot Programming Software

Equipped with real-time simulation, collision avoidance and path planning, Mech-Viz is a code-free programming software that takes robot controlling and movement to another level.



Mech Viz Support

Mech-Viz currently supports numerous common robot brands and models while ever expanding its coverage. If a desired robot model is not available, just reach out and rest assured that support will be provided.



Easy to Use

A fully visualized programming environment for robots with a clean UI in a flow -chart manner allows users to get started quickly without having to write code.
There is no need to learn the language logic of different robot brands.

Simulate Your Environment

Mech-Viz supports one-button motion simulation; from picking to placing - it displays the motion trajectory of the robot in the form of a smooth and real-time animation.

Create The Scene

With the built-in tools available- easily create bins, cuboids, walls or even import your own model to mimic your actual production environment as close possible. Create the scene, simulate, test and redesign quickly and effortlessly, all at the comfort of your screen.

Path Planning

Advanced algorithms in the Mech-Viz aid in providing early prediction of the possible collisions along the robots trajectory path. Collisions between the robot, environment and the grasping pose of the workpiece to be picked can be configured on the fly.