Super Cimplas

SUPER CIMPLAS makes possible the flow of real-time information from various plastic machineries in factory to many department such as quality production, maintenance, sales and customer.


Cimplas Overview


  • To provide important production information like OEE, availability loss, performance loss and quality loss.

  • OEE tracking and downtime reporting is available in real-time. Action can be taken promptly due to accurate timely information.

  • Gantt chart showing the job activities overlay with the machine operating status.

  • To monitor the operating status of each machine i.e. Cutting, Stops, Alarms.

  • OEE and Productivity reports are available instantly for management to enhance the effectiveness.

  • Downtime reports showing the top ten down time reason and their duration.

  • Machine efficiency chart for management to measure the performance of every machine/job.

  • Mold Maintenance Screen prompts user to input repair reasons for every mold due for service.



How long does it take for an operator to attend an alarmed machine?

CIMPLAS able to alert the user immediately when the machine stops or alarm. The user may require entering the stop reason for the machine.

How to do preventative maintenance for the machine and the mold at the right time?

CIMPLAS able to alert the user to perform maintenance job after the actual shots in a machine exceeds the preset shots for the mold or the planned machine maintenance is reached.

How long does the operator take to start the plastic machine in each shift?

CIMPLAS stores mold configuration data that is used to produce a part. The mold configuration data is stored in database, hence starting a machine becomes easy.

How to know and analyze the utilization for each plastic machine for the estimation of the company profitability?

CIMPLAS will display charts for showing the machine utilization for each plastic machine for a period of time.

How to know the downtime for each machine?

Machine downtime is displayed on the machine utilization chart.